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John’s new Workstation Pictures

Just a few final shots of the build we did this week for John. Machine was amazing.  I7 3930K, 16GB RAM, GTX580,  OCZ Agility 3 120GB  SSD, WD Black Drives for storage.  Scores almost a perfect score in Windows Experience

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Getting bored of being ULTRA social? Try lazy way!

Everyone thought about it, but is it really possible? Well sort of, though there is always some ”BUTT”. You know that sort of BUT, but BUTT. Typical weather in our Capital and you are updating your social profiles above freshly

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Parts for a new “Beast” Custom PC build arrives

Excited?  You bet! Parts for one of the fastest PC’s we have ever put together has arrived today.  Even though it’s not for gaming, it’s going to be awesome.  Looking forward to putting it together and getting it on Youtube

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Importance of Backups

Data is important to us all.   Be it family photos, a dissertation, or important work emails, it’s amazing how much reliance we have on our files and how we take it for granted that our information is safe and

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