Our Staff

Name: Thibault    Nickname: Teebz
About myself: I came to Edinburgh the first time to finish my studies (2001-2004). I loved the city so much, after a few years, I decided to come back and am now working for PC Repair Man. I love playing Battlefield 3 (I’m not a great shot but the game is AWESOME!!!), mountain biking, hiking in the Trossachs & the Highlands, fishing and BBQs with friends!
Time with PC Repair Man: since 06/2011
Name: Louis    Nickname: Mr Man
About myself: I love Edinburgh! I went to University here, met my wife here and in 2007, I left my job to start PC REPAIR MAN here, out of a room kindly donated by my partner Rosie (now my wife). We opened our first workshop in 2007 out of Leith Walk and last summer (2011) we opened our 2nd workshop on South Clerk Street. I am really proud of the small team that we have built over the years and I must say that what sets us apart in is that we are all really passionate about computers which I believe makes our team very special. Its rare to find that a job that we enjoy getting up for. In my spare time I am an avid gamer and can be found normally online playing BF3 and Call of Duty games. I also enjoy taking breaks and driving holidays exploring lesser known parts of this beautiful country!

Time with PC Repair Man: since 2007
Name: Robert    Nickname: Bob    From: Czech Republic
About myself: I came to Edinburgh in March 2011 to visit my friend Vaclav and when I was offered a position in Pc Repair Man, my decision was instant. I was done with studies and wanted to see the world.
So here I am!Interested in: All kinds of sports (football, gym, skiing tennis etc) and Traveling!!

Time with PC Repair Man: since 06/2011
Name: Vaclav    Nickname: Vader, Vincent
About myself: Originally from the Czech republic, I came to Edinburgh back in February 2010 as working opportunity was offered by local Internet Cafe. I found out soon, that living in here allows me to support
all of my free time activities and travelling around Europe or even World. Today, I dont regret it and for time being, Scotland is my home!

Interested in: Photography, Hiking, Nature, PCs, Ice Hockey, Fishing etc.

Time with PC Repair Man: since 08/2010