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We have moved

Just a quick message to say that we have moved one door down to 28 Crighton Place on 1 December 2018 . Nip in to have a look at our swish new shop!

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Laptop or Computer overheating? Come in for comprehensive clean to keep everything running cool.

- could do with serious clean

  Don’t let your computer get to this state where it won’t come on anymore.  Signs that your machine could be suffering from too much Dust and Cr*p inside are : Laptops run hotter than usual Fans are on Maximum

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July LCD Screen Replacement Offer – first 4 customers also get a free 8GB Flash Drive

Summer is here and we would like celebrate with a special offer to our customers! For the month of July PC REPAIR MAN Edinburgh will be offering 15% off the total price of Laptop LCD screen replacements. Any size and

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Give your Computer a MOT Healthcheck

that's a lot of spyware

Computers are just like cars and need regular maintenance. Over time, remnants of old programs / temporary files can build  resulting in a slow computer or laptop.  Furthermore, if there isn’t an effective & up-to-date security package on the computer

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New Video on site. John’s video editing workstation

John's New Workstation

Check out our latest high end computer build for John that we completed a few weeks ago. Let us know what you think.

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Getting bored of being ULTRA social? Try lazy way!

Everyone thought about it, but is it really possible? Well sort of, though there is always some ”BUTT”. You know that sort of BUT, but BUTT. Typical weather in our Capital and you are updating your social profiles above freshly

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Importance of Backups

Data is important to us all.   Be it family photos, a dissertation, or important work emails, it’s amazing how much reliance we have on our files and how we take it for granted that our information is safe and

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