First blog entry

Almost May but the weather feels like November!  So instead of going out and enjoying the rain, what better opportunity than to get the new website up.  Its been a long time coming for the new site after many days of work its finally up and working.

Opted for a blog style site that has been extended by WordPress using a responsive theme.  Its been much easier and quicker to develop than previous sites and its pretty amazing what can be done in quite a short period of time.  Can definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to create an interactive site with easy links to social networks.  The themes and plugins make it a doddle.

Like to send a big thanks for everyone who helped. Thibault for some of the content, Vader for the amazing videos and Youtube feed and especially Rosie for her wizardry on Photoshop and making it all look awesome!

Thanks to you all and all our customers who have been bearing the old site for so long.  We welcome your feedback so send us your thiughts on how we can improve!

Louis 29/04/12

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