Getting bored of being ULTRA social? Try lazy way!

Everyone thought about it, but is it really possible? Well sort of, though there is always some ”BUTT”. You know that sort of BUT, but BUTT.

Typical weather in our Capital and you are updating your social profiles above freshly brewed cuppa 🙂 Is there modern ”lazy” way of doing this? After bit of Google research, reading reviews and typically doing your ”homework” you find that there is quite a few, BUTT non does it all? Well, here is few tips how to do it.

TweetDeck – Is browser that allows to sync you Facebook and Twitter contacts in one app and then share between them as you wish, being created by Twitter itself we can be sure that it stays around and eventually they will sort out biggest BUTT of this handy app, it does not support sharing with Google+ . Available for Mac, Win and mobile platforms. Non AIR versions is big improvement too.

Official Twitter app for Facebook – In our experience, going official have always least problems, this app is made by Twitter so it will be always up to date, we are sure that you came across it. Though being based on simple forwarding, it can become pain in BUTT of you friends if you tweet quite a lot.

Selective tweets app for Facebook- Simply use #fb tag and on you go, selected tweet appears on your Facebook and being connected with you Facebook you can do it from you mobile device too. Google+ just did not fit its BUTT into this.

There are many more, doing part of your cyber job. All I can say is just dig and read and you will find the one, that fits your needs.

Kick some BUTTocks with those two solutions.

Publish Sync- This browser extension can share you link, status update, photo or video over all you social networks. Simply log on to your Facebook account share some of your genial thought an then choose additional social network you want to share it on. This browser extension works with all major browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera … Now downside to this seems to be in additional advertising ( or spam if you want ) which is being reported by some users.

Google+ bots – Getting lost in all of this I found few ways, which lead through rabbit hole. Assuming you have gmail ( and in few steps Google+ account ) add these bots to you circles and do it all. Instructions here: .Bots +Rob Mcgee, +Agent G, +Michael Aulia etc. It takes few minutes of your time. After you have done this, you can happily share links and status updates, downside and BUTT of this is that it will not share photos on Facebook.


Overall thought is that I like to keep my streams of cyber life separated and am NOT USING those ”improvements”. They are worth giving try and again, personal feeling decides what YOU like.  It takes more time and effort, but those networks are ( at least not for me ) not the same. Facebook is family and friends, you can see, that mom baked some delicious cake back home, that your college friend became daddy, that Kate split up with boyfriend and that someone posted few photographs from a trip. Go to Twitter ( if you dont have TV and CNN )  if you want to know, that earthquake strikes in Japan right know and Google+, well lets say, that you share within circles of same minded people, you share photographs, art, projects etc. with people ”from business” and expect reasonable reaction.


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