Give your Computer a MOT Healthcheck

that's a lot of spyware

Bring your Computer or Laptop in for a MOT Healthcheck before it gets to this stage!

Computers are just like cars and need regular maintenance.

Over time, remnants of old programs / temporary files can build  resulting in a slow computer or laptop.  Furthermore, if there isn’t an effective & up-to-date security package on the computer then you can also suffer slow downs and erractic behavaiour from nasty malware and spyware.  In the case of this machine that came in this week, lots of unwanted toolbars that slow browsing down and can give you malicious results e.g. redirecting your searching, cause the browser / computer to crash and in some cases, get your sensitive personal details such as passwords & online banking details as it logs what you are typing.

Here at PC Repair Man, we can perform a Computer MOT Healthcheck on Mac or PC, Laptop or Desktop.  Our Comprehensive Healthcheck includes :

  • Check the Health of the RAM and Hard Drive ensuring your files and the basic operation of the computer is sound
  • Clean your system of Spyware, Malware and Viruses and unwanted programs such as Toolbars using our most effective scanning tools
  • Recommend and install a free Security Suite or install one of your choice or  you wish to bring in
  • Complete all the Windows updates and missing Driver Updates
  • Defragment your system drive
  • Clean the machine thoroughly outside

We can also perform an additional internal CPU/fan clean (* optional – please ask for more details – video link) at a reduced price.

Once complete, your computer will be back working at speed and as efficiently as possible.

So if you are suffering from constant pop-ups, unwanted download requests and slow machine operation, then don’t delay, come and book your Computer MOT Healthcheck today.  Our Heathchecks are usually completed within 48 hours.

If you want more information feel free to contact us or pop into one of our shops for a chat.


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