John’s new Workstation Pictures

Just a few final shots of the build we did this week for John.

Machine was amazing.  I7 3930K, 16GB RAM, GTX580,  OCZ Agility 3 120GB  SSD, WD Black Drives for storage.  Scores almost a perfect score in Windows Experience (Processor 7.8 Memory 7.9 Graphics 7.9 Gaming Graphics 7.9 Primary Hard Drive 7.9)

Windows installed in 9 mins! Starts to Desktop in less than 20 seconds!  Shame it’s not going to be used for much gaming as it would be awesome!!  Onto the next build!  Thanks again to John for allowing us to document it.

Video of Build and parts used will be available on our site shortly.  In the meantime if you are interested in an high quality machine for gaming or work – whatever the budget – don’t hesistate to contact us.




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