Laptop or Computer overheating? Come in for comprehensive clean to keep everything running cool.

- could do with serious clean

Dust is the enemy!


Don’t let your computer get to this state where it won’t come on anymore.  Signs that your machine could be suffering from too much Dust and Cr*p inside are :

  • Laptops run hotter than usual
  • Fans are on Maximum all the time and making a lot of noise
  • Computer shuts down randomly while playing games or running heavy processes and it will only turn back on after its cooled down which is usually after 30mins

Should you get these symptoms like these and before its too late (like in this case), come and see us for an internal clean with free diagnostics.

Wonder what’s involved in a laptop clean?  Check out this video by Vader .

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PC REPAIR MAN are a Computer and Laptop Repair and Servicing company based in Edinburgh, UK.  We have workshops in Leith and Newington where we offer free diagnostics to all customers.  We offer Upgrades, Computer Health checks, Virus Removal, Comprehensive System Re installs, Data Recovery,  LCD Screen replacements etc.  More info on our services can be found here



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